Class Association

Joshua GGOD Class Association.

An owner’s Association will be formed. No two JOSHUA GGOD yachts may have the same hull colour and that colour may be chosen/registered only after signing a purchase contract. All issues effecting the Class will be voted by the members at an annual meeting. Each JOSHUA GGOD owner will have one vote in Class decisions. Don McIntyre holds seven votes as founding Chairman for the JOSHUA GGOD Class Association. In 2023 he steps down as Chairman and then holds one vote only. (He will race a JOSHUA GGOD in 2022). An objective of the JOSHUA GGOD Class is to consider joining existing shorthanded events and encourage the development of other RETRO long-distance solo, or two-handed races that suit the Class. The JOSHUA GGOD is a CLASS Production yacht developed for the 2022 and all future Golden Globe Races.

One design sails……
Bernard was the master of simplicity. KEEP IT SIMPLE and AFFORDABLE, his passion. So it is for the sails of the JOSHUA GGOD. All sails are One Design from one licensed manufacturer. (The sail supplier will be reviewed after each GGR). They are strong with a common purpose, to deliver safe, efficient performance and reliability for Southern Ocean and Atlantic sailing at a sensible cost. We all sail together in spirit with Moitessier, the same hulls with identical sails. He is with us! Twelve sails are designed to cover all conditions. Each sail is JOSHUA GGOD CLASS approved with an individual registration number. Like Moitessier there are No spinnakers. If an owner decides to use mechanical fastening/hanks on the No.1 and No.2 forestays, (rather than furling gear) then the type, size and weight of those hanked sails are free of all restraints and without restriction. A maximum of 13 sails may be carried. (See separate sail specification)

A Selden or Sparcraft rig will be specified to endure a non-stop circumnavigation via the five Great Capes. Rugged simple, well-considered and proven engineering is used. Standard with all mainsail, mizzen and headsail handling at the mast and includes one running pole. Standard forestay configuration is a No1 forestay with furling and No3 staysail stay for hanks. Chainplates are installed to fit an optional No2 forestay. Owners are free to customise deck layouts as they wish after delivery and factory options are available, including bringing all mainsail handling to the cockpit. Heavier rigging and extra poles are allowed. (see separate Spars and Rigging spec)

Only custom auxiliary Trim Tab on the main rudder windvanes may be used racing the JOSHUA GGOD. In Bernard’s own words: The principle comes down to simplicity and strength. It is good, but not perfect. Again, we all sail together in spirit! No commercial windvanes are allowed. (see windvane factory kit option)