Don McIntyre 2018 GGR Founder and Race Chairman, Royal Nomuka Yacht Club Commadore, Owner of McIntyre Adventure PTY LTD.

Interest in the 2018 Golden Globe Race has been unprecedented. Over the past three years I have spoken to so many sailors dreaming about this challenge and amongst them a whole group that wanted to sail a bigger boat. There was also another group wanting to sail in the spirit of Bernard Moitessier the other great legend from the 1968 Golden Globe Race. I have always admired JOSHUA and for a few years thought about a Joshua GGR class. But you could not buy a set of plans to build this boat. All the current ones for sale had been modified for cruising with many in poor condition. The cost to refit would be more than A NEW build, and you still had an old boat?

So I set about starting from scratch with a new design. After considering a few different hull variations I settled on the current JOSHUA GGOD as best representing the Original. I have been boat building since the mid 80’s and for the past 12 years involved with building steel boats in China at SeaHorse yachts. I decided on ASBOAT for the build having known them for nearly four years. Great quality and close to many sailors interested in the GGR!

The Adventure begins! I am looking forward to working with Murat and his team at Asboat and Racing my own JOSHUA GGOD in the 2022 GGR. Maybe I will see you on the start line? I will keep you updated on progress of the Class and NEWS here in the years ahead.

Thanks for your interest.

Don McIntyre

Standing Doga, Murat and Burak with the JOSHUA GGOD building team.

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