The 2022 Golden Globe Race has a new CLASS II. A steel ONE DESIGN replica of Bernard Moitessier’s original JOSHUA ketch will set out in September 2022 in one of the greatest adventure races the world has seen , on a solo non-stop unsupported circumnavigation of the earth,. Only about 100 people have ever achieved that while up to 700 people have been into Space!

The RACE between JOSHUA and SUHAILI is on again!

« In the spirit of Bernard Moitessier, JOSHUA returns. »– Don McIntyre

Bernard Moitessier’s iconic 1968 Sunday Times Golden Globe race yacht JOSHUA has long been admired by ocean voyagers and Sea Gypsies as the ultimate ride. As captain under telegraph pole masts, Bernard became legend when during that Golden Globe he famously altered course to Tahiti after rounding Cape Horn just 17 days behind Suhaili, rather than return to England and certain fame, to… « Save My Soul « … as he put it.

Now officially protected as an historic monument under French law, she is a sailing museum piece in the La Rochelle Maritime Museum. Designed by Jean Knocker in the mid 60’s, nearly 70 reproductions were built over the next 25 years. Building stopped decades ago and plans for owner builders are no longer available. That is all about to change.

The Original Joshua

The Organizers of the 50th Anniversary edition 2018 Golden Globe Race in a salute to Bernard Moitessier, have commissioned a new JOSHUA Golden Globe One Design (GGOD) yacht in the spirit of the original JOSHUA. This yacht will run as a new Class II in the 2022 Golden Globe Race with maximum 10 entries allowed. It is also available for Cruising sailors to build or buy.

In the spirit of Moitessier’s original JOSHUA, everything about this new design speaks of the original. With a slightly longer hull, a little more beam, draught and main mast, the essence remains. She looks, feels and will sail with the original. Built in Multi-chine 5mm and 6mm steel plate to One Design Class Rules, she is incredibly strong with five watertight compartments.

This JOSHUA GG One Design is being constructed under licence by experienced steel boat builder ASBOAT (Izmir Turkey) ( www.asboat.com ) to CE Standard. Kit Plans with a digitized cutting tape for a plasma cut steel kit to build your own cruising version are also available.

If you dare to race the 2022 Golden Globe Race in the wake of Moitessier, or dream of sailing safely in the Southern Ocean, or the high latitudes of Antarctica or the Arctic, maybe even French Polynesia to Free Your Soul, then this new JOSHUA GGOD will be your next adventure!