Be 1 of only 10 to race a JOSHUA GGOD in the 2022 GGR

Bernard Moitessier set out from Plymouth on August 22nd 1968 in the original Sunday Times Golden Globe race. Plymouth will bid for Host Port status in 2022 and so too will regions in France. The Host Port/country will be announced on August 22, 2019.

The current style of 2018 GGR yachts will make up the SUHAILI Class in 2022. Only 20 entries will be accepted. The new JOSHUA Golden Globe One Design yacht will make up CLASS II. Only 10 entries for the JOSHUA class will be offered. The 2018 GGR Notice of Race rules and concepts are being adopted for the 2022 event. Only minor changes are expected. The current 22 approved Yacht designs will remain approved for 2022, as will approved SUHAILI replicas. There may be five extra SPECIAL INVITATIONS offered.

Applications for an invitation to compete and the Preliminary Notice of Race for the 2022 Golden Globe Race will be available from August 22nd 2018. The Entry fee will be AU$17,000, paid in two parts. An Initial AU$5000 deposit with the Application and a further $12,000, 12 months later. If the 20 SUHAILI Class places are filled, a WAIT LIST will be established. Applicants must have at least four thousand ocean miles before applying.

The JOSHUA GGOD is available to purchase now. The first three Yachts are heavily discounted and each new boat ordered will increase in price by $6,000 Euro. There will then be a general Price review/increase. Deliveries will be approx. 14 months from order with up to four yachts per year Production capacity. First 10 Joshua owners are Guaranteed an entry into the 2022 Race, subject to meeting the entry requirements.

TWO start lines, one finish line.
The start date of the JOSHUA Class will be Sunday August 21st 2022. The start date for the SUHAILI Class will be approximately three weeks earlier. It will be determined by using the average time taken for the first six yachts finishing the 2018 Race as the modern Suhaili time. This could be up to six weeks faster than Suhaili’s original time. The new start date for the SUHALI class of the 2022 race would therefore be six weeks after the June 14th original start time of Suhaili, giving a date of JULY 26th. The exact date will be announced August 22nd 2019.

This sets up the original battle from the 1968 Golden Globe Race of Suhaili setting out early and being chased down by Bernard Moitessier and Joshua. There will be OVERALL and CLASS winners, with a special trophy for the first Joshua to arrive in Tahiti on the second lap!

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***Circa 22nd April 1969: Robin Knox-Johnston waving aboard his 32ft yacht SUHAILI off Falmouth, England after becoming the first man to sail solo non-stop around the globe. Knox-Johnston was the sole finisher in the Sunday Times Golden Globe solo round the world race, having set out from Falmouth, England on 14th June 1968 aboard his tiny 32ft ketch Suhaili. It was a time when the Flat Earth Society was still in existence, and even seasoned yachtsman thought it to be an impossible feat. For everyone else it was; Robin was the sole finisher among 9 starters to complete this 30,000 mile supreme endurance race, organised by the Sunday Times newspaper.